Student Camp: Physical Challenges and Limitations as a Source of Inspiration

Seventy four students from ASEACCU member institutions participated in the student camp. The student participants visited the Father Ray Foundation which is situated in Pattaya City in Chonburri which gave them the opportunity to see how Father Ray and his team carry out their mission to help and care for physically handicapped children who were mostly abandoned by their parents. Deeply moved by this exposure, the students realized that physical and mental limitations do not necessarily serve as a hindrance or an obstacle to one’s desire to achieve. Prof. Wiriya Namsiripongpan, who gave a lecture at the Suvranbhumi campus on August 23, 2017, has been a great source of inspiration for them. Blind since she was a teenager, she went on to study law at Harvard University and currently teaches at Thammasat University. The students also attended a half-day workshop with nine volunteer students simulating either physical or mental challenges, being led on a campus tour, aided and facilitated by groups of student campers. Another workshop session was held for the student participants to conceptualize their presentations. These presentations were done on August 26, 2017 in which the expected outcome was a social media campaign to show solidarity with less-gifted students.

(article prepared and submitted by Mr. Glen Chatelier, Assumption University)

25th ASEACCU Conference 2017 - Student Camp